Sale Computer Repair

Sale Computer Repair

Computer Repair Sale

Do you live in or near Sale, Trafford? Having some trouble with your computer or laptop equipment? Would you like a reputable company to repair your equipment? Our company has been established for at least 10 years, we specialise in great computer and laptop repairs. If you’re having problems with software and pc hardware, please phone us and we will get our Sale Computer Repair team to fix your problem. Our staff and engineers will do our best to help you to get your pc equipment working in the quickest possible time.

We repair all makes and can supply you with most replacement parts, and software, and all our new pc equipment and software comes with a 12 months guarantee



We will do your diagnosis for you, and only then talk about what needs to be done to repair it. We will listen to your problem but we avoid trying to do a diagnosis over the phone. A phone diagnosis doesn’t always give us all the information that we need, so what we will do is come out to your home or business premises in the Sale area of Trafford and do a proper fault diagnosis there.

Laptop Repair Service

Sale Computer Repair

Sale Computer Repair

We can repair and service all brands and makes of laptop, notebooks, and netbook pc’s. We can do broken laptop screen replacements. We can diagnose and fix most muouse and keyboard related problems. If you’re havng startup related problems, and if you’re having problems with virus, spyware and malware.

We offer a very competitive pc repair service for everyone who lives in Sale and our team of mobile computer engineers always try to ensure that you have a really good experience with us.

If you need for a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy computer repairs service Sale company to do great work for a good price, then please call our friendly staff today for a quote.

Computer Repair Services Sale, Trafford, Greater Manchester

Sale Computer Repair

We Can Provide The Following IT Solutions

Data recovery
System administration
Information systems
Technical support
Printers, printer cables and peripherals

Barebones systems

Computer cases
Controller cards
Fans & cooling
Graphics cards
Optical drives

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