Marple Computer Repair

Marple Computer Repair

Computer Repair Marple

Got a faulty pc or laptop? Looking for a good computer repair company in your area? We are an expert Marple computer repair company who specialise in pc hardware repairs and upgrades.

We also do software troubleshooting aswell, we are very confident that we can take care of all your faulty computer problems, so please call our Marple computer repair team today.


Marple Computer Repair

Marple Computer Repair


Need a reliable and trustworthy company to do your computer repairs? We provide you with fantastic repair and support services for your IT requirements at good prices, our work is all Guaranteed.

Our technicians and engineers are all qualified or very experienced, they will be able to resolve your computer and laptop problems quickly.

We Consistently Carry Out:

– Laptop pc repairs
– Desktop pc hardware repairs, replacements, and upgrades
– Software installation and troubleshooting


Computer Diagnostics

We use special diagnostic software tools to identify hardware and software problems and problems with your operating system.

Hardware Installs

We can install external and internal computer parts as long as they are compatible with your system.

Installation Of The Operating System

We can do a clean install, or reinstall the operating system for your pc or laptop, either with ouryour software or software that is purchased from us.

Data Backup

We can perform a backup of your data as required.

Delivery And Pick Up

We can pick up and return your equipment as per your requirements. Please bear in mind that there atimes when this not feasible depending on circumstances, e.g after hours, etc.

We always try to provide you with high standards of work with budget-friendly prices and work that is guaranteed for 12 months.

If you are looking for pc repair services Marple, Stockport, then give us a call today.

Computer Repair Services Marple, Stockport


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