Halebarns Computer Repair

Halebarns Computer Repair

Computer Repair Halebarns

Do you need to find a good pc repair company who can fix your pc and laptop properly? Do you live in the Halebarns area? Our Halebarns computer repair engineers and technicians  can help you. We offer one of the best computer repair services to Halebarns and the surrounding areas in Trafford.


Halebarns Computer Repair

Halebarns Computer Repair


Our company is an established IT pc repair company that has providing pc repair services to the Hale area for over 10 years. We have lots of products and services but our main business focus are pc repairs, pc parts replacements, pc upgrades, software troubleshooting, software product supply, software installations, etc.

We work in most locations of Manchester, Cheshire, Trafford, including Halebarns, so if you’ve got a software or hardware issue, and you want to get your pc working again in the quickest possible time, please call today for your free quote.



We will come to your premises in Halebarns to do the initial investigation, if we cannot fix or repair your equipment there, we will take it away to our premises and continue with the repairs at our base. We always try our best to do a repair on-site.

Once a computer fault has been properly diagnosed, you will be given a good price for the repairs. The price you are given bu ys will be for the total cost of the repairs and will include any VAT.

All our work is carried out on a no-fix no-fee basis, and we do not charge you for calling us out. so there’s no risk there.

There is a 12 month guarantee on all new parts supplied and fitted and and 3 month guarantee on the work that we do.

You will get a great service that looks after all your needs; our aim is to give you total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Call us today to get your free quote see to how we can help you.

Computer repair services Halebarns, Trafford, Greater Manchester

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