Fallowfield Computer Repair

Computer Repair Fallowfield

Fallowfield Computer Repair

Do you have computer problem that’s getting you down? Need to get it sorted quickly? Live in Fallowfield, Manchester? We are a specialist firm that offer the complete range of pc and laptop repair services. We can do your repairs for you or supply the parts that you need to do your own repairs. Our Fallowfield computer repair team can supply and deliver to homes and businesses in the Fallowfield area of Manchester.

We will come to your business or home and try to a fix there, if your equipment needs further repairs we will take it back to our base and continue with the repairs there. In most cases we do find the fault and do a repair on-site.

Once we have diagnosed and determined what the fault is, you will be given a price for the repair. The price you are given will be the total cost of the repairs plus any VAT. There are no hidden charges, you will get charged a fair price for doing the work. 

All our work is carried out on a no-fix no-fee basis, and we do not charge you for calling us out. so there’s no risk there. There is a 12 month guarantee on all new parts supplied and fitted and and 3 month guarantee on the work that we do.


Fallowfield Computer Repair

Fallowfield Computer Repair


Whatever your requirements we can supply a total solution to fulfil those needs.



Our pc engineers are very experienced and qualified to do the repair work for. It’s very rare that we come across a problem that we can’t fix.

Please remember that we offer the best Computer Repair Service for Fallowfield, Manchester

Laptop and pc repair services Fallowfield, Manchester

Please contact us today for a free quote to get your repairs done.


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